Roman Catholic Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Parish, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week


Church Office tel: 609-927-1154
Deacon Joe Lonergan email:
School of Religious Education Melissa Stuchel 609-927-0121
Music Director Steve Beddia 609-641-9422
Youth Group Tom Salerno 609-927-8679
Ministry of Motherhood M.O.M’s Alice Reemer 609-408-2194
Legion of Mary Linda Tuccinardi 609-653-8152
Circle of Prayer Mary Stecher 609-645-3641
Knights of Columbus Council, #6277 Erik Rybka 609-214-2739
Extraordinary Ministers Pat Ledden 609-464-1044
Lectors Sally Pietrofitta 609-927-5600
Ushers Art Marinelli 609-927-2368
Liturgical Environment Pat Ledden 609-464-1044
Bereavement Christine Droney 609-204-7646
Adoration Melanie Stubee 609-390-2348
Bulletin Sales Glenn Wassmer 267-549-7210
Antique & Craft Show Joan Corson 609-927-6349
Bingo Patrick & Kim Baker 609-484-0618
St. Joseph’s Regional School 609-927-2228
Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts Rev. John Perdue 609-927-5600


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